Fine art photography

Art photography is not just any photo with special touches, it must be able to convey a feeling or emotion, just as works of art do. In the following article you will learn a little more about its characteristics, styles and also, you will get some tips to get started in this world.

What is artistic photography?

To try to define this type of photography you must always see them as works of art, because in reality that is what the photographer is looking for, to create a true artistic shot. That photo that is capable of making you feel emotions or feelings that you would not otherwise have, is a clear example of the creativity present in these shooting styles.

Not all photos can be considered artistic, since to achieve this you must take into account the technique, composition and light. The best captures are the product of an arduous planning that allows you to control certain elements and be able to capture exactly what you are looking for.


With the following characteristics, you can more easily differentiate an artistic photo from an ordinary one:

  • They are subjective, the photographer captures his particular vision in the photo.
  • The artist’s emotions are the protagonists, and reality takes a back seat.
  • They require great observation and an advanced mastery of photographic technique.
  • They depend largely on the creativity of the photographer.


As in all artistic manifestations, photography also has styles or types, according to its particular characteristics. These are:

  • Narrative: is when the captured photo is able to tell a story just by looking at it.
  • Portraits: it is a style that is always in fashion. Faces are capable of reflecting many feelings. Currently, with editing programs it is possible to highlight the artistic features of this type of photos.
  • Objects: everyday pieces are turned into true works of art thanks to the camera.
  • Conceptual: these are photos that seek to express a particular idea.
  • Minimalist: they use the least amount of elements possible, the idea is to focus on the protagonist.
  • Privacy: photos of daily life in the privacy of the home and with a subjective and human point of view.
  • Self-portraits: it is the artist’s way of expressing himself in his different facets.
  • Everyday life: its name indicates it, they are photos of the day to day but with elements that stand out for the impact they convey.
  • Historical: it is a way of storing memory and also representing it artistically.

Each one of the photos, become true works of art that fix in the viewer a unique and particular feeling.

Tips for taking artistic photos

If you are a photographer, but you need some help to be able to capture truly artistic photos, here are some tips that will surely put you on the right path:

  • Minimalism should be your best friend, practice many photos with a negative background and place the central object on the edges. This will help you spark creativity and take advantage of the photo space.
  • You must delve into the study of color, combinations, contrasts, tones. In this way, you can even transmit moods only with the colors involved in the photo.
  • Play with the depth of your field. This will allow you to create very interesting effects in your photos, in addition to achieving a better focus.
  • Seeking inspiration is always a good idea to start. It is not about copying styles, in addition, in principle it is good to practice with photos that you know will turn out.
  • With the shutter speed you can vary the blur effect, this will depend on what you want to achieve.
  • The combination of textures, colors and furnishings allow to create original compositions.

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