Creative Photo Ideas

Today’s world is invaded with images and videos that convey a set of feelings and emotions. Today creative photography is more than a hobby, it is a means of transmitting information and connecting with people all over the planet. In this article you will discover how to take the best photos.

What is a creative photo?

More than a photo, it is a tool that allows the photographer to convey any type of emotion or feeling that he may have at a given moment. Creative photography offers a range of options to the person who makes it and even to the object or objects present in it.

When taking pictures it is always important to have some planning, taking into account the purpose of the image. If it is for personal use you can be completely spontaneous, but for commercial or professional purposes you must organize your ideas beforehand.

Creative Photo Ideas

Thanks to technological advancement, today it is possible to obtain very high quality photos even with cell phones. For this reason, the number of amateur photographers seeking to capture professional images has multiplied.

To improve the results and get closer to the highest quality of images you can put into practice the following ideas.

  • Macro with a magnifying glass: it is possible to simulate this effect in photographs, keep in mind that the result will not be perfect, but it will allow you to experiment with your ideas.
  • Medium on the lens: with this technique you will achieve smooth and blurred images, the effect is really original.
  • Backgrounds: backgrounds, in any photograph, play a central role. If you are looking to portray objects, foods or faces, you can use cardboard, fabric or posters.
  • Using the strainer: when combined with some highlights, it is possible to obtain an excellent shadow play, with unique shapes and designs.
  • Glass of water: Due to the reversal phenomenon that occurs with water, it is possible to achieve spectacular images with a really cool effect.
  • Water vaporizer: it is widely used in food photography and macro type, to create a cool and dewy effect.
  • Plastic bag: softens the impact of light that the flash creates on the face or on the objects you want to capture.
  • Mirrors: they are perfect for directing the light to specific points in the photo that you want to achieve.

In addition, you can use very simple materials such as cellophane, film with petroleum jelly, sunglasses and many others, to simulate unique and original filters.

Some types of creative photos

Within the audiovisual world and specifically in that of photography, you can have multiple options, especially if you are looking for creative results. In this way, it is possible to capture images with your cell phone, at home, including a wide variety of objects, outdoors and many more.

Each type of photo must have certain special characteristics to obtain a quality result and above all its own identity.

Tips for taking good photos

When you want to take quality photos, but do not have professional equipment, you can always use these tips to achieve almost professional results.

  • Know the benefits of your equipment, be it a mobile phone or a camera.
  • Check the options and features of the application.
  • Keep the lens clean.
  • Always prefer natural lighting, avoid using the flash.
  • Take into account the contrasts and do not abuse them.
  • If you use the grid, it will be easier to get a framed photo.
  • Symmetrical photos generally attract more attention than overloaded photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different positions and angles to shoot.
  • Don’t use digital zoom.
  • The more shots you get the better, you can have a wide variety to select the ideal one.

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