-Proprietary Programs

Proprietary Programs


CAP offers proprietary programming for institutions including colleges, graduate programs, high schools, photographic organizations, museum curators, historians, and any other organizations interested in learning emulsion-based, 19th century photographic processes and alternative photographic processes.

Depending on your desired level of hands-on education and budget, we are able to offer demonstrations, and one-day hands-on demonstrations, or two-day workshops in a variety of processes.  Please refer to the program descriptions and fee schedule below for additional information.

We are open to working with you to develop and facilitate special workshops tailored to the requirements and learning goals of your institution or group. To discuss a proprietary workshop, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at erica@penumbrafounadtion.org or 917-288-0343.


Program Descriptions


Demonstrations are ideal for groups with looking to be exposed to a process, but not get hands-on. Demonstrations can be conducted within a class-meeting period on weekdays, if time is of the essence.

- Cost: $500, up to 2 Instructors free.

-Limited to 15 participants (Please contact us if  you are interested in having a larger group visit CAP.)

-Time Frame: 3-4 hours

-Processes Available: Wet Plate, Cyanotype, Albumen Paper


One-Day Hands-On Demonstration:
One-day hands-on demos give students the opportunity to learn a process from start to finish from a knowledgeable, working photographer.  The experience will cover a brief history of the process, its relevance, and a hands-on walkthrough of creating images.

-Cost: $1,200, up to 2 observing Instructors free, Monday-Friday. (A $250 surcharge  will be applied for programs occurring on the weekend).

-Limited to 8 participants; additional participants at CAP Instructor’s discretion.

-Time Frame: 8-9 hours.

-Processes Available: Platinum, Wet Plate – shortened, Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, Wet Plate Shooting Day (advanced Wet Plate class), Lens Seminar, Gelatin Silver Printing (printing only), Digital Negatives, Lighting for Portraiture, Large Format Photography


Two-Day Workshop:
In two-day workshops, students gain an in-depth understanding of the history and execution of an alternative process. Students will work with a knowledgeable instructor to bring the product from start to finish, and have the opportunity to practice the process under the guidance of a working photographer. Students will leave the workshop with photographs they have made.

-Cost: $3,564 (proprietary group fee discounted 10% from standard $3,960)  for 8 participants.  Up to 2 Instructors are welcome, and understood to be observers.

-Limited to 8 participants; additional participants at CAP Instructor’s discretion at the cost of $455 per additional student.

-Time Frame: 2 days, 8-9 hours each day (consecutive or not)

-Processes Available: Albumen, Calotype, Wet Plate, Platinum, Carbon Printing, Gelatin Silver (Shooting, Developing, Printing), Digital Negatives (with Silver Gelatin Printing)